Modern Marketing vs. Old School Marketing

Digital Marketing is not the past and it’s probably not the future… but it is the present!💡

For some reason, many small businesses still don’t realize the potential of digital marketing and still rely on old school marketing methods.

For example, businesses still pay for billboard advertisements. Why pay for a billboard ad that’s shown to a very broad audience that most likely won’t even notice your ad?

Our minds habituate (cancel out and ignore) billboards more than one would think.

Why not, instead, show targeted ads ONLY to very specific people that are highly interested in the product or service that you offer? Why not pay ONLY for targeted impressions instead of paying for a broad audience that will most likely not even notice your ad to begin with?

Yes, broad audiences are essential for brand awareness marketing but it’s not nearly as effective with billboards as it is with digital ads.

Digital marketing allows you to reach your ideal prospects on the internet and show them very specific ads where and when they will notice them and invite them to take action immediately. And it works better than anything else today!

That’s exactly why businesses should invest more money on digital marketing than old school marketing. ✔️