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Vlad Strizheus

Hello, my name is Vlad Strizheus, I’m the owner of 605 Marketing LLC and the creator of the 605 Marketing Problem Solver tool. My personal expertise is in marketing strategy, branding, online advertising on Google, YouTube, and the display network, and lead conversion (as well as digital marketing all-around).

I created the 605 Marketing Problem Solver tool to help local small business owners solve their biggest problem/ challenge in regards to marketing. Some of the biggest problems businesses face today include: poor traffic/ lead flow, low conversion rate, weak online presence, and negative/ no growth.

Try our Problem Solver tool and get a FREE response-based marketing consultation from me with no strings attached (without having to opt-in or talk to me if you don’t want to). I look forward to sharing some great marketing ideas, strategies, and methods with you that can solve your biggest marketing problem!